Wednesday, June 19, 2013

yolanda dominguez.

In April, a factory building collapsed just outside Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. This epic tragedy killed more than 1,000 workers and has been called the 'deadliest disaster in the history of the garment industry." The building was constructed with substandard materials and in obvious disregard for building codes.

The blame has been given not only to the factory owners, who were urging workers to return to their jobs regardless of the fact that they knew the building was unsafe, but also the mayor, who wrongly granted construction approvals.Cracks began to appear on the building the day before the collapse and it is said that the building would shake each time the large power generators were switched on. The next morning, as employees were entering for their work day, the generator was switched on and that's when the building buckled and gave away.

Bangladesh has more than 5,000 garment factories and is the world's second-leading exporter of clothing, China being first. It handles orders for nearly all of the world's top brands and retailers. The part that most people dont know is that this happens a lot-- Cambodia, China..  A lot of the time it doesn't make the national or world news but people are killed often by avariciousness companies that cut-corners at their employees expense. 

Yolanda Dominguez, a visual and performance artist from Spain, demonstrated a 'urban action'
performance called Fashion Victims

Its purpose was to bring to light that day the real “fashion victims”: the enslaved workers and child exploitation and the millions harmed by the contamination that the factories produce in the production countries. On one of the commercial streets of Madrid, various [live] bloggers appeared under rubble. Legs and arms were stretched out from beneath, decked out with  luxurious accessories such as bags, heels, and high fashion dresses.

her blog goes on to say::

Mientras en un lado del planeta la balanza toca el suelo atiborrada de objetos que alimentan el ego, en el otro extremo se desvanecen vidas a cada puntada: ellos sí son los verdaderos “fashion victims”.

Marcas, diseñadores, bloggers, medios… el mundo de la moda no puede obviar los hechos y mirar hacia otro lado. Todos somos responsables de esa realidad, incluso los consumidores podemos transformarla eligiendo productos que respeten a las personas y al medio ambiente.


While on one side of the planet the balance touches the ground riddled with objects that feed the ego, on the other end fade lives to each stitch: if they are the real "fashion victims".

Brands, designers, bloggers, media… the world of fashion could not ignore the facts and look the other side. We are all responsible for that reality, even the consumers, we can transform it by choosing products that respect people and the environment.

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images found from Yolanda Dominguez blog and site. images also from google search.

Friday, June 14, 2013

sept gallery show

>> -- > it's official < -- <<
friday, september 6th I will have my first solo gallery show.

'Self-portait' will be on display for the month of sept. at the TAC Gallery
inTulsa, Ok.

I am pretty excited about this because this will be the first time all fourteen pieces will be on display together since my grad show in Denver and this time it will be in my hometown.
I realize this is months away, but be sure to check it out.

thanks to angela & western,
you've been my support.

☾ ☾ ☾