Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

tulsa, oklahoma. yep.

back to school, back to school

I'm attending tulsa university as a nondegree seeking student, trying to fill in the fine art gaps of my b.a.. Here I have three classes- tile making, silkscreen, and illustrator. basically, a dream come true. when I went for my undergrad, my computer lab classes felt like they were noneducational and honestly boring. I didn't learn much. though this lab class is at times boring, i never feel like it's useless. today, I implemented what we were doing in class into something I personally enjoy. my work in progress is below.

i know these skills will come in handy with silkscreening as well as my own personal work.

also, today in silkscreening, we went to the philbrook museum and viewed the rauschenberg at gemini exhibit. I encourage anyone in the area to check it out and be sure to sit outside of the exhibit and view the video about his life. it was very interesting to see how his work progressed and how the public responded to it. in the end, he was just another deadbeat artist that just enjoyed making art his way and hoped it would sell. obviously relatable.

it's nice to be a student again and this time on a real campus. yes, tulsa isnt chicago, not even denver, but it still has resources and creative people. i'm excited to see what happens this semester.

hello tulsa, let's kick some ass.