Thursday, April 25, 2013

tulsa, 2013

Growing up in Tulsa, i had always hoped that one day the people of the city would come together and reclaim their downtown as their own and bring life back into it.
Now, they have.

A downtown where buildings have stood vacant and lonely for so long, now have children running around in fountains and bands fighting to play free shows to the public. A downtown where people only  ventured to if there was a desired show at the Cain's Ballroom or Performing Arts Center is now where major headliners sell out shows, local coffeeshops and bars are multiplying, and has event become ideal real estate for young professionals to live and work.

When I graduated, I moved away from Tulsa to be around more art influenced and active surroundings. That was over five years ago, and now being back, it's shocking to see how much has changed. Just in the past year multiple business have flourished in the Tulsa Metro. I can now say we have a Contemporary Art Museum, an center that encourages arts and education, artist studios in downtown for students work on their masters, a museum dedicated to a local icon, and an outdoor venue that is completely free to the public and allows a safe environment for both kids and adults to enjoy the downtown festivities. First Friday is an actual event now in Tulsa and in the past few months, the Brady District has been packed with people hopping from one show to the next.

Normally I post about my own work, but I wanted to take a step back because Tulsa, you're doin' it right. My thoughts to you, go check these places out.

Guthrie Green
Woody Guthrie Center
108 Contemporary
Henry Zarrow Center for Arts and Education
Living Arts
Tulsa Artist Coalition

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